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Engine Item

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Oil Return Pipe
It connected to the Engine, re-circulates the engine oil
EGR / Ventilation Tube
It is a part of the Exhaust Gas Re-circulation(EGR) in the Engine
EGR Cooler Pipe
It cools the gas transferring to EGR pipe
SAI Valve Feed Pipe - Bentley
Secondary air injection pipe is injected fresh air
into the exhaust stream for a fuller combustion of exhaust gases
Fuel-Rail Tube
It is the essential part of the engine which disperses the fuel from the tank to both sides of fuel rails
Water Return Pipe
It prevents over-heating of the engine by re-circulating the water
Oil Feed Tube
It is welded with eye-joint, helps to sustain the flow of the engine oil


Name Quantity Specification
Auto Cutting Machine 5 Cutting range : Max Φ31.8 / Length : min 40mm
Auto Forming Machine 8 Horizontal Former : 1000kgf / Vertical Former : 3000kgf
Semi-Auto Forming Machine 6
CNC Bending Machine 6 OSUGA CNC Bending Machine : Φ12.7*1.0t
CNC Bending Machine : Φ12.7 ∼ Φ50.0
Robot Bending Machine 2
Air Leak Tester 5 Inspection for all items
Bubble Tester 2 Inspection for some items
Welding Machine 3 CO2 Welding Machine,
Projection Welding Machine
Robot Welding Machine 2
Others 2 Compressor, Rolling Machine, etc.


Manufacturing Process Flow